People who are not Mineral deficient (demineralized) will enjoy the sweet water taste of Lithia Spring Water. However, people who are demineralized may experience a strong salty taste when they first drink Lithia Spring Water. Demineralized people suffer from micronutrient deficiencies and often have underlying health problems.  

When a demineralized person drinks Lithia Spring Water for a few days their body becomes remineralized and they experience a refreshing sweet taste. They may also experience mood elevation and increased mental/physical energy.

Mass-produced bottled water brands have little to no nutritional value other than weak cellular hydration. Many of these brands are sourced from tap water and go through a reverse osmosis (RO) process. Many people after drinking Lithia Spring Water for a few weeks report that when they drink bottled water products they experience a dead empty flavor. The body has an innate intelligence. 

Its fun to experiment with the taste of Lithia Spring Water by adding lemon, lime, fruit concentrates, and other favorite flavors. Many people use it for tea and coffee and Lithinated Lemonade for a powerful but gentle urinary detox/Cleanse.

A BIT OF HISTORY: Lithia Springs is an ancient Native American Indian Healing spring. Until 1838 and the Trail of Tears, Lithia Springs was a healing center for the Southern Cherokee Nation. The last Cherokee Chief that ruled over the springs was named Ama-Kanasta (Sweet Water) who was named after the 'sweet water' that flowed from the ancient healing spring. The sweet water creek is said to have been named after the chief. Go To: Lithia Spring Water Wikipedia

Drink Lithia Spring Water slightly chilled or add your favorite flavor to enjoy even more.